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SPL is housed on a massive 3.6 hectre piece of property built & designed specifically for mass production of RESINS & POLYMERS. This state of art plant is able to produce a variety of resins in GERMAN designed reactors of various size and massive STORAGE capacities for both Raw materials & Finished Goods in BULK.


SPL is proud to have an excellent laboratory with a complete research & development center housing a pilot plant to polymerize various resins at small scale.  The laboratory also has a full range of instruments  & equipment to ensure full quality control of each & every batch of resin manufactured.  As value add to our LOYAL CUSTOMERS we assist in any form of testing or bench-marking that will assist them to become more competitive.


From our substation which is onsite, to our 440 KVA GENSET we have ample power to ensure no disruption in manufacturing, to our COOLING TOWERS/CHILLERS & THERMIC FLUID HEATERS to heat the entire plant.   The site has fire water pump service by a fire water dam to ensure a SAFE & SOUND OPERATION.

Storage & Transport Facilities

SPL have a huge tank farm to store both liquid RAW MATERIALS & FINISHED GOODS in BULK. To ensure efficient & on time DELIVERIES SPL have a bulk ISO SS tank & trailer to haul resin locally in & around Gauteng.

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