Below is a brief description of the products that we 


Long OIL Alkyds

LOA for the manufacture of decorative high GLOSS enamels for interior & exterior, varnish floor sealers (high build as well), porch & deck enamels, wood stains, penetrating varnishes etc with various non-volatile content and viscosity to suite applications

Medium OIL Alkyds

MOA for manufacture of economical industrial & architectural enamel paints. Excellent resistance to yellowing and good balance brushability, drying & gloss.

Short OIL Alkyds

SOA non-drying / non-oxidizing for manufacture of stoving/baking enamels, nitrocellulose lacquers for automotive & industrial wood finishes and acid catalyzed wood finishes.

Chain Stopped Medium & Short Alkyds

Chain stopped SOA & MOA for manufactire of fast dry metal primers & finishes as well as truck & tractor / coach enamel & road making enamel.

Styrenated & Modified Alkyds

Styrenated alkyds for manufacture of quick drying paints with good gloss, primers & hammers finishes. Modified alkyds for fast curing enamels & varnishes for metal decorating with good flexibility & excellent adhesion.

Urethane Alkyds & OILS

Urethane alkyds & OILS for manufacture of varnishes for parquet floors, furniture, marine, wood and as sole binder for floor coatings.

Amino Resins

Amino Resins both Urea Formaldehyde & Melamine Formaldehyde for manufacture of AC lacquers and heavy-duty stoving enamels / baking enamel.

Thermoplastic Acrylic Resins

Thermoplastic acrylic resins for manufacture of plaster primers, masonry paints as well as high build road marking enamels.

Hydroxy Acrylic Resins-2K

Hydroxy Acrylic Resin 2K for manufacture of automotive refinishes top coat & clear coats, primers and as protective coat on metal structures like off-shore, cranes, rigs etc and on difficult metals like galvanized steel & aluminium.

Thermoset Acrylic Resins

Thermoset Acrylic Acrylamide resin for high build metal coatings have good flexibility, detergent resistance and excellent adhesion and also acrylic resin for deep drawing stoving coating systems and roller coatings.

Saturated Polyester Resins

Saturated oil free polyester for general purpose coil & can coatings as well as metallised base-coats, automotive finishing systems and stoving finishes in conjunction with Amino resins.

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