Driven by  GOAL to push the LIMITS and our vision to RE-DEFINE the industry, we believe in taking manufacturing to a new LEVEL.

Our Values

Manufacturing at a NEW LEVEL

Synthetic Polymers specializes in manufacturing of synthetic resins & polymers for the COATINGS INDUSTRY.  SPL entered the industry in late 2015 and has grown to become an integral part of the SOUTHERN AFRICAN COATINGS MARKET. We are proud to be associated with leading paint manufacturers & have a key focus on EXPORT markets in AFRICA. We boast a team of highly-skilled Polymer Chemists in the laboratory as well as on plant to ensure quality control and superior standards of resin.   Adding to the mix is our MAINTENANCE team of qualified engineers, fitters, welders & electricians. 

Our Goal

Push the LIMITS

Our goal as the SPL TEAM is to manufacture QUALITY & CONSISTENT RESINS @ COMPETITIVE PRICES.  To PUSH the LIMITS has become second nature to our team and keep CUSTOMER & CUSTOMER SERVICE as the single most FOCUS.  We also PRESCRIBE & PLEDGE to ensure that all our actions & interactions with CUSTOMERS, SUPPLIERS, fellow EMPLOYEES, COLLEAGUES & SERVICE PROVIDERS is ETHICAL, RESPONSIBLE & with INTEGRITY.  

Our Vision

RE-DEFINE the industry

The vision is to RE-DEFINE the COATINGS INDUSTRY with our QCCP (Quality, Consistency & Competitive Prices) approach.  As a responsible player in the COATINGS industry HEALTH, SAFETY & ENVIRONMENT will always reign supreme & be the CORE VISION.  Our vision also lies in transfer of skills to ensure a more sustainable approach towards true empowerment of the previously disadvantaged.


Health & Safety

A top priority

At SPL prioritize the HSE. We are committed to the health and safety of everybody involved in operations at SPL, we are also supportive of sustainability of the environment. At SPL we shall continually adopt international standards of HSE to maintain the safety of our workers and the environment. 


  • We pledge all operations at SPL will comply with relevant health, safety and environmental regulations.
  • Have appropriate controls to identify hazards, assess risks to ensure protection of all people involved and prevent pollution to the environment. 
  • Set targets and standards to constantly improve health , safety and environmental performances. 
  • Ensure that all SPL employees have HSE training and promote HSE awareness in SPL
  • Ensure a high priority is placed on emergency preparedness and regularly test systems, so all incidents are handled appropriately and timely. 
  • Create a culture were accidents, incidents and near misses are promptly reported and investigated and that lessons are learnt and shared throughout SPL.
  • Monitor and review performances of HSE policies and controls to make sure they are effective and our health and safety aspirations are continually being met.
  • Not just to follow the set HSE policies but to integrate them into the business.